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I’ve been in the hair industry for 18 years. Yes, I was 5 when I started.   I live in Jupiter, Florida with my husband, two girls, and puppy Leia. I 100% believe that coffee is a food group, and laughter is the best medicine. I didn’t go to a fancy hair school and for the major part of my career I was successful by just being down right scrappy. Until one day, I realized I had developed a few SUPER powers. Those super powers are what have helped me build multiple 6 figure businesses behind the chair and open a salon that has been profitable from day one. That’s why I’m here to share my simple but FREAKING effective methods with you!

a stylist, Salon Owner, Biz Educator, and coffee addict. 

I'm Missy.


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-Lindsay M.

"You explain things in a really tangible way! I really enjoyed it and I don't enjoy retail education!"

"She saw exactly where I was stuck and her cousel was concise and Highy Effective."

— Jennifer S.

"After your webinar about selling products a week later I sold $600 worth!"


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green juice 

water all the way


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roaming target


hanging with friends


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selling retail


all things color


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