Creating a stronger connection between you and your clients.

 Aligning yourself as the GO TO expert.

Making extra money without doing any extra hair or working more hours.

Feeling confident in how you offer products to your clients.


I ignored selling retail for 12 years.  TWELVE freaking years!!

If we're being honest here, which when am I ever not??

I was to scared, it felt gross and I just didn't see the point. 

 One day something clicked and I switched up HOW I offered products to my clients.  I actually realized that they had been ASKING me for advice and I was ignoring it so I could stay in my comfort zone! 

Are you nodding your head with me on this yet?  I switched up a few simple things.  I dialed in on what products I was offering, how I was offering them and MOST importantly why I was afraid to sell in the first place.  

That's what brings us here!  These systems WORK! I use them every day in my very own salon and so does my team.  Since developing these methods, I have helped empowered hundreds of stylist to start doing the same! 

It's time to turn the idea of retail from HOW into WOW.
Become the Radical Retail selling BOSS you were made to be!

Time for Action

It's time to take the fear and stress out of retail sales!

what if you stopped  feeling gross about

Your guests WANT to learn from you!  They DON'T just want their hair to look amazing the day they leave the salon.  We have such an amazing opportunity to offer SO MUCH MORE value to our guests if we can just get over the idea that selling retail is BLAH and start owning our Radical Retail POWER!

These methods are so simple you'll wish you had started like 3 months ago! 

Finally feeling confident in HOW to market their products.

Earning money they were missing out on before.

Moving from overwhelmed to totally owning power of retail.

Stylists are:

I want that!

You will learn how to:

-Choose products that support your mission

-Why less is more

-Create relationships with the brands that you carry

align with brands

You'll learn:

-How to make conscious pricing choices

-How to strategize for your ideal/dream client

-The importance of different price points

-Why you should become a "brand ambassador"

Target market strategy

The Formula...

You will learn:

-Consultations that convert to sales

-How to create an educational client experience

-How to perform a post consultation wrap up

Consultation Sales

You'll dive into:

-How empathy plays a part in your sale

-Sales situational awareness

-How to propel your sales with self awareness

Sales Emotional IQ

You are not sleazy or slimy, you are an KICK BUTT hairstylists ready to expand your career.

You're a go getter and ready to really understand WHY you don't sell.

You want to learn how retail is actually a way to serve your guests better!

You are ready to LEVEL UP your business! 

Who You Are...

- How to align with brands

- Create a Target Market Strategy

- How to start "selling" in your consultations

- Sales Emotional IQ and why this could be the #1 thing holding you back!

4 step equation

What's  Included:

Some of use are visual learners!  I wan't to make sure that however you work through this course you have methods that can help this information work for YOU!


The retail marketing secret that HASN'T let me down yet!


I'm all in!

tell me about it

get ready to shine!

I’ve been in the hair industry for 17 years. Yes, I was 5 when I started.   I live in Jupiter, Florida with my husband, two girls, and puppy Leia. I 100% believe that coffee is a food group, and laughter is the best medicine. I didn’t go to a fancy hair school and for the major part of my career I was successful by just being down right scrappy. Until one day, I realized I had developed a few SUPER powers. Those super powers are what have helped me build multiple 6 figure businesses behind the chair and open a salon that has been profitable from day one. That’s why I’m here to share my simple but FREAKING effective methods with you!

a stylist, Salon Owner, Biz Educator, and coffee addict. 

I'm Missy.


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